Leon Smith , Pr.Arch (UFS); CIA; SAIA – Smith Architects

“When we first asked Kevin to come in and help us in 2007, we were running mission critical design software on a very fickle hardware platform. Our challenge was to remove the risk factor of the IT headache completely. We were desperate to find a one-stop team that could replace all our hardware, set up a robust network that could support all the facets of CAD with rendering and presentations, proper backups and redundancy and cater for the needs of record-keeping. We needed to focus on architecture and move away from having a “draftsman-double-up-IT guy”.

Kevin and the team at ResolveITS proved their technical excellence over 13 years of outstanding, steady, reliable and loyal service. The team was able to understand and cater for all our needs and without fail assisted in every critical event we ever faced. Backups and redundancy was always technically sound and in place without fail.

Our valued relationship with ResolveITS has made them an extended part of our family so we will never look elsewhere.”