“February 11th, 2013, what a day. That’s the day I joined the ResolveITS team and found my work people. My primary role is to take care of our client, AFMSGROUP, so I spend a lot of my days over there dealing with all day-to-day IT-related matters, providing feedback on their infrastructure and guiding them in the direction best suited for their IT needs.
The sense of humour here at ResolveITS is one of my favourite things about working here. There is a friendship between the staff that is not only in-office, but even where we are based at separate sites. Our meetups are like catching up with an old friend. At the end of the day we’re here to provide the best service possible, and ResolveITS achieves this while helping its employees to grow and develop. That’s something I love being a part of.”

Email: michael@resolveits.co.za