General IT services

general-supportAt ResolveITS, our service is personal instead of automated. We also offer a variety of ways for you to get the support you need. Whether you require us onsite or just remote support or want a fixed regular support contract or ad-hoc hours, we can provide it. Even if you require in-house IT support, we’ve got the right person for you. Give us a call to work out a perfect support plan for you or your company.

Here’s a list of general services we provide to any person or company that needs IT support:
• Antivirus, Firewall and Spam Filtering
• Cloud solutions – email backups, server and data hosting
• Backup solutions
• Disaster recovery solutions, planning and testing
• Office moves
• Redundant and backup power solutions
• Domain and website hosting by XneeloTM
• Unified email management – security and compliance, archiving and targeted threat protection, Microsoft Office 365 and Mimecast
• Networking implementation, and configuration hardware supply and support, redundant internet connectivity
• Security – antivirus, encryption, multi-factor authentication, intelligent firewalls, password and user account management, auditing and reporting and penetration testing
• IT Procurement (see our list of partners here), servers, networking, PCs laptops, peripherals and software

Here’s why you should choose ResolveITS
• We can work remotely or as an extension to your own in-house IT department, and we offer guaranteed response times as well as 24/7/365 helpdesk support. We proactively monitor your servers and network to identify any risks and potential problems. In the event of catastrophic failure, we will restore YOUR server AND DATA to working order promptly
• We will remove viruses in the event of an attack and fix any issues with existing configurations, such as print queues, user account creations, security and distribution groups. If your server requires a reboot after essential maintenance, we’ll even do this out of hours. Our amazing team can recover individual files from backup as required
• We maintain existing user management, handling password resets, permission changes to file areas and user creation and deletion, and provide disk space management to help you manage your data safely and securely. We can handle print queue creation and troubleshooting should an issue arise, as well as checking software revisions to ensure your applications and systems are running the latest manufacture-recommended versions
• We implement Microsoft software updates to ensure your PCs are always operating at optimum efficiency. We also check antivirus systems, event logs and unauthorised access areas to ensure your system is robust and secure
• We will react to any dashboard alerts, including server reports and power interrupts, to reduce downtime and ensure minimal disruption of daily activity. To ensure this, we offer unlimited callouts including on-site support


Specialised IT services

specialisedNot every industry is the same, and therefore not every problem can be solved the same way. At ResolveITS we have realised that the demanding requirements of the finance industry rely on expert, efficient and specialist IT support. Traders, fund managers and asset managers all depend on systems that provide high availability, privacy, redundancy and reliability.
At ResolveITS we have over 40 years of combined experience providing consultancy and specialist support services to the finance industry. Time is money, and we know the importance of making sure our clients don’t have to waste any time. We do this by delivering a fast, efficient, specialised service when providing IT support.
With our in-depth knowledge of trading platforms, financial applications and the underlying technologies that rely on them, we are keeping our finance clients at the cutting edge of reliable IT technology, putting them one step ahead of their competitors.

We do IT well


IT procurement services

procurementBuying a new computer/laptop is not as simple anymore. There are so many options out to choose from, and once you have the computer you need to decide which programs should you use, and to figure out how to best set everything up.
At ResolveITS, we can help you figure out which IT solution best fits your company’s needs. By working in alliance with our premier partners such as Dell, HP and Sony (see our list of partners here), we can offer not only a full range of computer systems but also advise your organisation on the most efficient and effective IT solution that is guaranteed to meet your needs.
Whether you are looking for an entry-level business workstation or a high-end PC, we have solutions available to support any of your business needs:
• Desktops, workstations, notebooks or tablet PCs
• Printing and multifunction devices
• Handheld devices
• Monitors and projectors
• Scanners
• Digital photography equipment
• Storage
• Servers
• Virtualisation
• Supplies and accessories
• Networking resources
• Software products
• Mobile solutions