“I started working at ResolveITS in February 2011 and am a Senior IT Engineer. This means that I’m the person who provides support and answers all your questions for network Infrastructures, servers, networks, firewalls, WiFi and printers. I also set up new sites and networks, and manage and improve current networks. I’ve seen and solved some interesting cases and issues over the years.
I love working here because it’s a fun and dynamic environment where cutting-edge technologies can be implemented, and it encourages fast learning of newer environments good problem solving. I started out in a medical environment where you’re on call 24.7 and have to deal with urgent and unique problems. This has prepared me for my work as an IT Engineer, but I enjoy the more relaxed pace at ResolveITS. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about networks, security, file transfers, databases etc and while I like to think ahead and plan as much as possible, I also like to test and implement new strategies or equipment.”

Email: willie@resolveits.co.za